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April 2018

Best Kick Drum Mic for your Recording Studio

Choosing the best percussion microphone can be an exciting journey, especially if you have a day or two to explore and combine your ideas. Many drummers really love their favorite voices, so they need the best equipment to represent these deep, rich basses.

Choosing a drum microphone can be a difficult and confusing step if you are new to the world of drummers or just drummed yourself over the past few months or years. There are many options, each microphone is different and offers different functions. First, you need to decide what to use for your microphone: for live performance, in the studio or for both?

Microphones of different brands can be used for live performances, for use in the studio or for both (the latter is the most common option). Once you decide to buy a microphone to record a professional track or perform a live performance instead of presentation or accidental use, you can continue to select a microphone with the right characteristics!

There are many industry-leading brands that offer quality drum microphones to their customers, and it’s not easy to choose winners in the opportunities offered by you. If you are looking for a general microphone microphone – please click here.

To help you find the right product, we have compiled an informative article on how to kick microphones, which now dominate the shelves of shops and personal studios! With 10 product lists and epic sections FAQ we hope that you will find here some information that will help you make the right decision.

1. News Shure BETA 52A

Shure has long been sold in the market. There is no doubt that their microphones are among the top 20 on the Amazon list, and are also products of Amazon’s Choice. If you are looking for a quality device that does not make your saturated bass notes flat, Shure 52A is a product that should be considered.

If you are looking for a microphone specifically designed for collecting drums and bass instruments, this is definitely one. It has a frequency response, and its shape can be increased and 100% compatible with bass instruments. A hardened steel mesh around the drum head can also withstand various wear and tear that can be caused during intense practice and travel.

This microphone gives you quality studio quality – you will be the best way to introduce your music. The Shure 52A also has an excellent rejection of unwanted noise. All drummers know that using a cheap microphone may cause unwanted noise, but this does not apply to the Shure microphone. If you have never bought Shure products before and do not know their reliability, we can assure you that if you buy products from Shure, you will buy from one of the most legendary brands in the industry.

Why we like it – the Shure’s BETA 91a rear microphone is ideal for microphones that want to use deep, saturated bass, rather than a flat, smooth horn or electronic drum. Guitar Amplifier – Take a look at the top 10 here. It has quality studio quality, and the leather case is a good addition to Shure and can help you keep your new microphone safe and prevent scratches or other accidents.

2. Audix D6 Cardiod

Audix is ‚Äč‚Äčanother brand that provides reliable and reliable products for all music stores and online stores for life.

Audix D6 has exceptional clarity in playback and is an ideal microphone for sound recording, if you recently encountered clear, deep tones and drum sounds, the D6 could be your best choice. Audix also personally tests and collects all products and tests to provide you with quality products for your musical career.

The D6 microphone can handle very high sound pressure levels without being accompanied by unpleasant, painful and unwanted and unwanted distortions most of the time. A low-quality diaphragm ensures that you will receive the best and most realistic impacts when using this microphone during your work. When using a microphone to record a drum, you need to make sure that you have a new drum (click here for the full manual). If you do not have the right stick, you may encounter unwanted sounds or the sound of a “mannequin”.

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